The Benefits of Morning Routines

What would you say that by creating a morning routine and carrying it out for 66 days, that you could establish healthier habits and improve your performance?

Research proves that on average, it takes 66 days to establish a habit; that is executing it But the end-result could do wonders for your health, relationship, performance, business – whatever your goal is of your Morning Routine.

We have been working hard this summer in establishing a Morning Routine that we enjoy and that helps us achieve our goals. Why? Because we know it’s important and it’s not a difficult thing to do. But it takes dedication and commitment to waking up earlier and following through.

Morning Routines are important for a few reasons:

  • They help you establish consistency and take the guesswork out of how you start your day. They also help lay the groundwork for developing healthy habits.
  • In order to really maximize your productivity and success, creating a Morning Routine that aligns with your goals is of the utmost benefit.


You may be wondering WHY is it so important to start your day off with a Morning Routine? Well, you know that feeling when you’ve overslept? That’s why.

We’re trying to avoid scrambling our day away and that feeling of always being behind.

Morning Routines are not to be confused with “to-do” lists: what you do in your Morning Routine is not everything you didn’t get done the day before. It is the same routine (or a slight variation*) each and every day.

“My routine is there to serve as the building blocks for a successful day. It’s a tool. I try not to get bogged down if I can’t do it all.” – Carly Stein

Everyone’s Morning Routine is different as it is unique to YOU and your goals. So what may work for one person will likely not work for another. Or it might. Again, it depends on what you want to get out of it!

What you may want to include in your Morning Routine: 

  • Read a book
  • Exercise or get some fresh air
  • Focus on your work
  • Make coffee (clearly the first thing on our list!)


Tips to make your Morning Routine a success:

  • Write it down: outline what you want your ideal morning to look like and what will help you achieve your goals
  • Outline your time: decide (and commit) to the time-length of your Morning Routine. It can be as short or as long as you like- it’s however much time you decide you need.
  • Set your alarm: or set a few. If you’re like us, you likely have 4 alarms set a few minutes apart to make sure we get up and start the day off right.


To learn more about Morning Routines and how to set yourself up for success, as well as some templates to use to create your own, visit our website to download your copy of our Guide to Morning Routines.


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