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The Final Push ...!

There is something so exciting about entering the last quarter of the year, and even more so when you’re a business owner!

It’s time to reflect on your year: What went well; What didn’t; What would you have changed & why, and plan so that you can adjust for when that calendar shifts to the next year. This is our absolute favourite time of the year as we can really see our successes (and short-falls!) from all of our efforts.

For us, September 1st is when we start our Q4 review and following year’s planning. Even though the quarter doesn’t really start until October, we tend to take the last half of December off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, so we’re just getting a head start. It’s a way of viewing the ease of summer to be over and time to buckle down and finish off strong. 

And this year, it also means a certain tiny human will be heading to daycare full-time, which will allow us to take Avustaa to the next level.

So here are some ways we take-on Q4:

  • Goal Review: Throughout the year we set goals for ourselves (big and small) and this is your last chance to make huge strides before the year is over. We look at our big goals first, as they’re generally easier to mark “completed” or “not quite yet” and adjust our objectives. Then looking to the smaller goals, these are generally monthly ones, we dive in to see how these are going and if any need to be adjusted (perhaps to reflect any larger ones that are outstanding).
  • Business Review: Are our business objectives still aligned with our visions? Have our service offerings changed (or do they need to be changed)? Has our target market changed? If yes, have we adjusted our marketing efforts to reflect this?
  • Team Review / Update: If you have people on your team, regardless of their roles, keep them updated on what you’re wanting to accomplish. This allows them to feel a part of the team and you may find that the more they feel invested in your business, the more you’ll get out of them.
  • Year-End Wrap-Up: This is our favourite part – closing up all the tiny little things that are always getting shoved aside. This may mean reorganizing your GoogleDrive or Dropbox folders, sorting/archiving some emails, and tying up all the loose ends. Oh, and giving our office a thorough deep clean!
  • Next Year Prep: Our prep for the following year includes setting up all-new e-filing folders, goal setting for Q1 and our larger-scale goals, blog post prep, social media prep, just #AllTheThings that can be done ahead of time. This alleviates so much stress and time later on and you aren’t having to scramble last-minute to get it done. 


Obviously, these are higher-level points but there are many little parts that come with each that make Q4 why we love it so much. We are all about the prepping and the goal-setting, all of which make this #mompreneur life magical.  

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