Supporting Local Without
Spending a Penny

While there seems to be more small businesses than ever trying to gain you as a customer (thanks COVID!) that also means that you have more options to choose from when it comes to sourcing local goods or services. But as you navigate through these options, it becomes evident you can’t support them all.

It may also seem that you now have a handful of friends or family now selling products or have started a service-based industry, and you want to support them but you’re unsure as to how since you may not require those products or services right now.

Here’s a few tips as to how you can support everyone, without spending a penny!

  • Follow, Like, AND Share. Follow them on all of their social media platforms; Like/Love/Comment on their posts (your comments don’t have to be super original or catchy, even just a “love this!” will take you 2 seconds to type, and do them wonders! And hey, if they post something that you think could really benefit even one person in your circle – share it. All of these easy things will take you less than a minute and boost their exposure.
  • Leave a Review. If you’ve bought from them before, leave a review and let others know of your experience! Reviews/Testimonials are huge, since there are so many options, so if you have something helpful to pass along, do so! Small businesses rely heavily on reviews.
  • Word of Mouth. If you’re chatting with someone and the conversation makes you think of this friend with a small business, mention them! A simple “Hey, I have this friend who I think you should check out – let me send you their info” goes a LONG way! It’s easy, straight to the point, and also shows that you’re really listening to the conversation and what they’re needing – bonus: you’re providing a potential solution! I do this all too often, and I’ve never hesitated to suggest people check out a certain Instagram/Facebook page, or certain post. It might not even convert to a sale, but just drive more traffic to their page in order to provide assistance. It’s super easy, is zero cost to you, and brings awareness to someone’s small business who could really benefit.
  • Provide Feedback. This one can be tricky as not everyone enjoys feedback, so be mindful and respectful when doing so. But if you notice that either the content on their feeds or website could be updated or perhaps worded differently, maybe don’t start with “So you need to change this.” Try something along the lines of “Hey, I was on your (Instagram/Facebook Page, or Website) and I noticed [insert what you noticed]. I thought I’d mention it because I thought if you updated it to this […], it might reach more people or be a bit more clear.” Chances are, people will respond better to this and consider the change (depending what it is, of course), and be thankful that you took the time to look through their Pages and Website.
  • Be Supportive. Lastly, being supportive even if you may think it’s just “another phase, with another business idea”. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what you want to do, and running a small business is HARD. Unless you’ve done it, or are currently doing it, you likely don’t understand the full realm of what we go through on a daily basis. You hold a lot more weight on your shoulders – in fact, likely #AllTheWeight, so having a friend giving you a high-five or a “I just saw your latest post and LOVED it!” text goes a long way. And hey, if you have a friend or bestie also tackling the #EntrepeneurLife, try and have a co-working date once in a while so that you can bounce ideas off someone else and just enjoy that relationship and support.


So, my challenge to you for the rest of the year, especially as we enter the holiday season: Support as many small businesses as you can! Whether you’re in a position to be supporting them financially or just by some of the tips listed above, let’s boost all of us up as there is definitely enough room out there for all of us!

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