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We’re a bit late getting this one out this week – yes, these posts are literally being written in real time because #LifeHappens and our shit has not yet been sorted into piles for this month.. OYE.

However, we did want to cater this post to our fellow #Mompreneurs / #Mamas as if you’re like us, seeing the Mom’s who always have their shit together on social makes you want to SCREAM. We follow a few who tell it like it is and don’t apologize for it- and we want to make sure they’re on your radar, too! (and if you have any to share, drop em below!)

5 loads of laundry on your couch to fold? Cool. Me too. #OMGWe’reTheSame (and sorry, no idea why there are so many hashtags already in this post, JEEZ).

So without any further delay…

  • @TheRamblingRedhead … Jenn from No Demo Reno – probably my favourite account to have followed in 2021. From design tips, to mom tips, to just THE funniest videos of her and her husband and/or kids and/or dog. There’s literally something from everyone on this page and you will NOT be disappointed!
  • @KassiMansfield … Mom of two adorable boys and a BOSS when it comes to entrepreneurship. She’s also a great advocate for mental health and doing what’s best for yourself vs trying to please others. She also posts some awesome workouts, too, for that added motivation…
  • @Mina_Starsiak_Hawk … There’s clearly a theme with the mom’s that I follow – they seem to either be in Construction / Reno or the Health industry LOL Mina has been a favourite of mine to follow for quite a while now and posts lots about her kids / family. There’s also some BTS from Good Bones and other projects she works on! She’s just very honest and upfront when it comes to #AllTheThings and that’s why I make a point of watching her stories and reading her posts.
  • @HannahBower2 … LOVE this woman for her realness when it comes to post-partum and how to really listen to your body. I’ve learned lots just from her stories / feed and encourage other mom’s to spend some time reading her posts!
  • @NeverSeeComeSea … Obviously I can’t complete this list without my fellow mompreneur, Reanna! I’m proud to call her one of my best friends (for over 20 years…!) and am SO pumped about how she’s crushing life right now. Solar and Photography business aside, she’s got 2 kiddos who she posts lots about, including all the different activities & adventures they’re doing. Lots of great tips for those with young kids looking for things to do!

We hope you find at least one or two new accounts to follow here that will help you in your Mom journey – we definitely need the REAL support from each other, even if you don’t actually know the person. Things I’ve learned from all of these accounts have helped in one way or another.

Now down the rabbit hole….

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels


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