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Get. Excited...!

This is it.

We’ve finished the first week of a New Year and if you haven’t already started getting excited about a few things, you’ve already wasted a week.

Now, we aren’t meaning that you need to have ALL your hopes and dreams planned out, but you should have a few goals for this first quarter. Without goals, you’ll just continue on your daily routines that can get a little… boring.

Take a moment and sit in your thoughts + feelings for a second. We know, “ugh, feelings – really?!”. Yes. Just trust us for a moment. Think about what you are wanting right now: more time, more money, more sleep, more coffee – whatever it is, and it can even be something that you know will take a bit to achieve. Dream big, and write down some of what comes to mind. It can even be like a vacation that you can pay for all upfront without going into debt, or buying a new car without needing to lease/finance. Write down these dreams and then really look at them. Get excited about what achieving these goals can mean for you, your family, your business.

Now that you’re itching to get started, break those goals/dreams into more realistic timelines and pieces.

What can you get started on TODAY to get started?

Now, go do that.

Then keep working your way through your list and see how much you can actually start accomplishing when you set REALISTIC goals.

We’ll share what we’re super excited about. Today, we had our first call with our new business coach and now have #AllTheThings running through our heads. We’re so excited to learn how to be more efficient and serve our clients better and give them better peace of mind. We’re excited to learn how we can grow our business and how we can continue to design the life that we have in mind. We’ve made our list of what all we want to achieve and will work on refining and reshaping them until they become as clear as possible.

There’s something about this year that feels as though it’s going to be a big year and full of opportunities. We’re ridiculously excited about it and plan on moving forward some mega plans. 

If you haven’t yet, sit down with a pen + paper and even just start brainstorming things you want to get done / dreams you have. Even if they’re on the smaller side, who cares. Write. Them. Down.

Get excited, and get the eff to work!


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