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We love being an entrepreneur. Better yet, we love quite a few things about it so we are dedicating an entire post to everything we love about it! It might seem a bit strange and you might be thinking, “really, you love THAT many things about it that you’re actually writing a blog post about it?!” – Yes, yes we do!

First things first, there is nothing that beats being your own boss. It’s not just because it means we don’t have to report to anyone else (and if you’ve been in this business long enough, you know that’s actually not true!) but it’s because it allows us the freedom to work how and when we want, but also the structure within it to be successful. Although we can design what our work environment looks like- from location, devices, hours/days, type of work, once we have sorted all of those aspects out we tend to create some structure within it. Just because we don’t have someone else telling us how and when to work doesn’t mean we don’t still establish those boundaries for ourselves.

Being able to #workfromanywhere has been a welcomed advantage, although right now it tends to be either in the office or on the couch (#covid), prior to the pandemic we were able to travel and not miss a beat. That is definitely one thing we are really looking forward to doing again once it’s safe to do so. And all I need to pack for work is my laptop, a charger, and my phone. I did splurge a bit this past year and made my office into a space that I enjoy being in, which makes “going to work” a positive phrase, rather than something to dread. And really – you can’t beat the commute! If you’re looking to level up your office game a bit, check out our post about Setting Up The Ultimate Home Office and share your transformations with us!

The biggest advantage still remains to this day – flexibility. When we first started, a big reason WHY we did was because of the need for time flexibility for my daughter. Between having her at home and multiple appointments during the month, there was nothing more important than to be able to have that time freedom and never feel guilty requesting time off work. We’d simply let our clients know we were unavailable for a few hours on whichever days and that was that! Even now, almost 4 years later, scheduling appointments still remains one of the easier things to do, as we can simply cater our work around them.

Next, and we never really thought we’d say this out loud, but we loooove the tech we’ve learned along the way! Never would we have discovered, learned, and implemented any of the tools we use on a daily / weekly basis in the corporate world! From building basic websites, creating landing pages, newsletters, automations, photoshop, and Canva – just to name a few, these have been welcomed additions to our wheelhouse. We love continuously learning new things, so implementing resources that make everyone’s lives easier is a no-brainer!

But the thing we love most about being an entrepreneur – is how much stronger and more resilient it’s made us. Granted, these traits were likely lurking somewhere inside already, but as any entrepreneur knows, it requires a solid backbone and dedication to making this adventure a successful one.

It requires stubbornness to not give up the second it gets hard.

It requires leadership + communication skills to properly lead your team and clients.

It requires dedication to continuously learning and developing your skills.

It requires a passion like no other to keep you motivated.

It also requires a backbone so that you don’t become a doormat. You must always be able to admit (and right!) your wrongs, but also stand up for yourself and your decisions. There are always other clients out there so there is no reason to keep any around that are draining your soul.

There are so many amazingly wonderful things about being an entrepreneur, and we’re certainly ecstatic that we made the decision to venture into this crazy world.

We’re never looking back, that’s for sure. 

The best visions are big ones.

Brian Morgan & Michael Lennington, The 12-Week Year

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