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Getting Your Business Summer-Ready!

The days are getting longer and the temps warmer – can you feel it?

Summer is HERE – finally!

If you’re in Manitoba, you likely feel the same as we do after that never-ending winter and then #AllTheRain. Summer is finally here and the last thing you want to be doing is be stuck in your office all day!

One of the (many) advantages of our work life is that it can be done anywhere. Naturally, some things are easier to get done in the office where we have multiple screens and a desk, but how can you get your business ready to maximize your time soaking up that sunshine?!

Luckily, this isn’t our first summer working from home (or second, or third…) so we’ve established a few summer rules that we wanted to share, hopefully allowing you to find some balance in the coming months.

Set some working hours/days. We try not to overload client work on Friday afternoons, allowing us to get our Upkeep Tasks done and log off a bit early. Typically during the week, we will pick a day or two (this will change each week depending on weather and client needs) and try to load up the tasks that are easily done on a laptop and head outside. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be full days, even a few hours is a great change of scenery and will help boost your energy levels. Tasks such as writing or inbox management are perfect for still being productive outside of the office.

Start your day on the right foot. It’s no secret that we love a solid Morning Routine so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we have one specific for summer, which involves heading outside for a 30-45minute walk every morning before logging on. When you work at home, it can be tricky to differentiate work and home, so we like to have our “home” routine transition into our “work” one as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our walk is generally one of the last “home” portions of our routine, as we then make breakfast, pour some coffee and head into the office. We prefer starting our work day by checking in on the day’s tasks, and a brief email check, all while having breakfast and getting settled in. Oh, and a solid playlist never hurts!

Take a break when you need it. If you ever worked a day in the corporate world you know how often breaks are taken! As much as we want to be “on” and productive for the entire day, scheduling a 20-minute break somewhere in the morning and again in the afternoon will keep you refreshed and likely more productive. We like to have some “home” tasks set for these breaks, such as a quick tidying of the yard, laundry, or a quick vacuum keeps us feeling as though we’re getting things done while also taking a mental break from the day’s work. With that said, there is NOTHING wrong with putting in your headphones or grabbing a book and heading outdoors for a bit.

Planning is key. At the start of each week, take some time to really look at your schedule and time-block accordingly. To be the most efficient and maximize your summer plans, it takes effort and planning. Your focus will have to be on its A-Game to ensure that your business continues to thrive while you don’t get burnt out. Summer is a great time to be planning and developing projects for the Fall and Winter months, but make sure that your current work still comes first – this will save you from last-minute (unnecessary) stressors. 

Time-Block for Project Development. If you’re really excited about a project, new pillar, or content you’re creating and find yourself getting lost in that world more often than not, we suggest blocking a chunk of dedicated time each week for it. This allows your brain to recognize that it has a specific time to daydream and map out your project and not allow it to take over the rest of your day.

Summer is a great time to re-energize yourself AND your business, so make sure that you take the time to allow yourself to rest. We tend to push really hard during Fall, Winter, and Spring – and if you’ve had anything close to the year we’ve had, we’ve been on the verge of burnout for months already – remind yourself why you’re in this business. 

Is it to free yourself from the corporate world?

Is it for time / financial freedom?

Is it to be able to make your own rules?

Make sure that whatever your reason, you keep it at the forefront and protect your boundaries

Happy Summer !



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