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Tips for Creating Your Best Routine...!

If you’re newer to creating routines or just unsure of what’s missing from your current one – we’ve got you covered.

There is SO much information out there for different routines, but many might feel as though they don’t quite fit what you’re looking for. We get it – we’re the same way. 

It’s tough to nail down a routine, especially looking at other’s, because typically what works for one person isn’t going to work for another. We’re all unique and that’s what sets us – and our routines – apart.

So rather than saying “here’s what your routine should look like”, we’re going to outline the main categories (and a few examples) of what most routines include. Think of it as a buffet – take as many, or as little, as you want from any category and create your perfect routine!

Category 1: Waking Up

If you’re anything like us, we are NOT morning people but have been forced into being one by a tiny human. So for us, having a few minutes to ourselves before having to adult is an absolute requirement. This time also includes having a coffee, washing our face, and “opening the house” (ie opening the curtains and a few windows to get some fresh air inside).

Category 2: Exercise

Now, not everyone is a morning workout person, and this is totally fine. But even doing a few stretches, some Yoga, going for a walk, or a spin sesh is a great way to energize your body and get the creative juices flowing. The main purpose of this is to move your body after a night’s sleep.

Category 3: Food for Thought

We also weren’t morning breakfast eaters for the longest time, but when we do plan to have breakfast before 10am, we notice we feel much more clear, focused, and overall in a better mood. If you find you really can’t sit and eat a full breakfast, try a smoothie or plan ahead with some overnight oats made the night before (this has been our go-to now for a few months and have these probably 4 out of 5 days). 

Category 4: Personal Development

For some, this might be journalling or meditating, but for us, this typically includes 20 minutes of reading. We’re avid readers and enjoy mostly business/entrepreneur books, but we find this gets us excited and we’re left feeling as though we’ve already learned something before the day has really begun.

Category 5: Intro to Work

After we’re fueled and energized for the day, we transition into work mode and check our inboxes and task lists for the day to get a sense of what’s ahead. We especially seek out any creative work (ie writing) or anything that requires a lot of brain power, as it’s strongest (for us) at the start. So we’d start there with our day and then work our way through the rest, making sure to take small breaks throughout the day to stretch and rehydrate.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for WHAT your routine can look like, but it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. We also suggest having a shorter “backup routine” for those days where you sleep in or where you’re just not feeling your regular routine. It would include the bare necessities of what you feel you need to do in order to have a productive day. It might be taking the dog for a quick walk around the block while drinking coffee from a travel mug and listening to a podcast. There’s no reason why you can’t combine any of these together to get done at the same time. Just take it at whatever pace you need to and don’t be afraid to add/remove parts that aren’t currently serving their purpose.

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