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Learning to Delegate Like a Pro...!

Do you ever wonder why some business owners have such a hard time delegating? It can come across as untrusting or even selfish, but in reality, it’s likely just nervousness. 

Most business owners, especially at the beginning, are doing #AllTheThings by themselves – they wear all the hats and become one with their business. So it’s no wonder that when it comes time to levelling up, delegation is one of the harder things to adjust to. Most would almost rather work more hours (than they already do!) just so that they can continue doing it all.

But – we know that this isn’t sustainable. You’ll burn yourself out so quickly, and potentially even your business. Especially with these last few years when the economy is less than stellar, many entrepreneurs are keeping as much to themselves solely to keep costs down.

This is why we wanted to share a few tips to get started on your delegation journey, so that you can dip your toes in and comfortably realize how much more you’ll get done in your business by handing off some of your tasks.

  1. E-Organization: having someone organize your drives and filing system in a way that makes it easy for you (& whoever else) to find documents and information is a great way to get started. You’ll see an instant reward that will help you feel more at ease, all the while feeling more organized without having to lift a finger.
  2. SOPs and Templates: we’ll continue to stress the importance of having these, as it seems many still don’t. Regardless of how long your business has been around for, get your policies and processes documented and in place so that you aren’t scrambling down the road to get them done. Sourcing these out will still require your input and review, but the heavy lifting will be done for you.
  3. Research: If there have been some programs or software you’ve been wanting to look into to increase your efficiency but just haven’t had the time to sort through your options, this can be something that’s easily outsourced. You will need to have a detailed conversation about what it is you’re wanting, your budget range for it, and how many options you want to review at the end. It’s easy to keep adding to your “I’ll get to that later” list, so why not delegate this and then even get them to do the implementation once you’ve made a selection? It can all be done on the back-end, leaving you with minimal disruption and a seamless transition to your new system(s)!
  4. Task Management System: If you’re still carrying your To-Do lists around with you in multiple ways, it’s time to implement an actual system, such as Asana or Trello. There are free versions of each so it will only cost you the time it takes to build it out for you – but both will leave you with a one-stop-shop for keeping your thoughts, tasks, delegated tasks, and projects – literally #AllTheThings – organized. We truly believe that if you aren’t utilizing one of these yet, this should be #1 on the list for outsourcing and getting yourself organized. They’re both also mobile-friendly, so as things come to you at any time, you can easily add them to the list.


There are SO many ways in which VA’s can help any business owner, but we also understand that outsourcing any task can seem overwhelming and uncomfortable. Easing your way into delegating is important, as it can include smaller tasks that can gain your trust and increase your comfort level, allowing you to realize how much more you can delegate down the road. 

Bring your business to new heights and begin delegating today! If you’re already using a VA or someone on your team to help, look for other ways in which they can help you and your business. There are always opportunities for more delegation or revamping of systems to increase your efficiency. 


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