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2023 Will Be Our Best Year Yet... And Here's How!

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we LOVE to set goals. It has probably saved Avustaa more times than we’d like to admit.

Being a business owner can be hard.

Being a parent can be hard.

Being a parent to a child with a disability can be hard.

Being a partner to someone can be hard. 

Being a friend can be hard.

But shoutout to Glennon Doyle for branding this in my mind: “We can do hard things.” We are forever grateful for hearing that, as it has been a major motivator at some of our toughest times.

But for us, that’s why we need to goal set. It keeps us striving forward on the days we find it hard to function. With that said, below you’ll find some of our goals for 2023; we aren’t about to share everything, as we do break down our major goals into more bite-size pieces, so that would make for a very lengthy list. But we did break some into quarters for you and included a few notes about how we plan on smashing them!


Q1 > Jan – Mar

  • Launch the copywriting pillar of Avustaa! We are INSANELY excited about this and it’s something we’ve been working hard on for a few months. While we sort of already offer this, now we’re simply making it a major force for our business.
  • Work on establishing boundaries with clients and saying “no” to things that really don’t do it for us. We’re no longer at the point of having to say yes to everything (we’ve worked VERY hard to get here!), so we need to stick to our guns.


Q2 > Apr – Jun

  • Focus, Focus, Focus. This will be a unique time for us as Remi will be undergoing another surgery in April, which will have her home for 4-6 weeks prior in order to keep her healthy, then potentially weeks or months after during recovery. So the time that we have to work will have to be very focused time so that we can maximize our efforts and not get burnt out.
  • This will also be a great opportunity to reconnect on the home front as December – March will be very busy. It makes it easier to push harder now, knowing that there will be some downtime coming in the near future.
  • Planning will also be at the forefront during this time, as it’s when things are quieter (regardless of whether it’s intentional quietness!) it’s easier to get clear on what we want. So we’ll utilize this time to make adjustments and refine processes.


Q3 > Jul – Sep

  • While summer is usually when most people slow down, this is when we’re going to be ramping back up. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s also when many businesses start planning for the rest of the year – a perfect time to be pitching copywriting services for their marketing projects!
  • We will be planning for a bit of a lighter summer, however, as we prepare Remi to begin Kindergarten in September! As someone who needs extra support, our school system has already started us on a transition plan which will be more intensive in the summer as we prepare to transition her into school.


Q4 > Oct – Dec

  • Ah, our favourite time of the year! Client work tends to get quite heavy as the year wraps up, and we don’t anticipate anything less next year. So we will likely extend our available hours to make up for an unusually lighter start to the year.
  • We are also going to resume our monthly “planning days”, where we only work on tasks or projects that directly impact our goals. 


We’re excited about what 2022 brought us and even more excited about the potential in 2023! 

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