Make Your List … and Check It Twice!

Make Your List … and Check It Twice! This time of year usually brings a sense of chaos, overwhelm, stress, and excitement all bundled into one confusing ball of emotion. And that’s typically just on the family side of things!

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Why Is Everyone So Scared of Systems!?

Why Is Everyone So Scared of Systems?! Part of any business is keeping it organized and functional. This is why we LOVE having certain systems in place (hello, Asana!) to do this for us. It’s amazing when so many business

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Keeping Up With the… Goals

Keeping Up With the… Goals Starting a side gig or simply wanting to switch gears requires a LOT of focus and effort. At times, it’ll be completely overwhelming and exhausting. Other times, it’ll be smooth sailing and you’ll be watching

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Just Slow the F*ck Down

Just Slow the F*ck Down We’re in full speed into Fall mode and new routines, which is likely being a sense of refresh to all aspects of your life. But do you know what I’ve seen so much in the

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Deep Dive: Maintenance / Upkeep Tasks

Deep Dive: Maintenance / Upkeep Tasks In this Deep Dive series, we’re going to look at a few things we believe need to be in place in any business – regardless of industry and size. We’ve talked about our weekly

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Learning to Delegate Like a Pro…!

Learning to Delegate Like a Pro…! Do you ever wonder why some business owners have such a hard time delegating? It can come across as untrusting or even selfish, but in reality, it’s likely just nervousness.  Most business owners, especially

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Our Fall Reading List

Fall Reading List We all know we love a good book. It’s our way of escaping our daily demands and leaning into others for knowledge and perspective. Our reading list for the Fall is a bit different than our usual

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Redefining Boundaries

Redefining Boundaries Boundaries can be a difficult thing to manage, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like confrontation. They can also be looked at from many different views but at the end of the day, you need to do what’s

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Lessons Learned on Putting Yourself First…!

Stop Waiting to Take Care of Yourself Until You’re Forced To… It’s not often that I talk about my own medical issues, but when it meshes so much with my everyday life, I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t come up

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