The Shining


Avustaa was created by Lyndsey at a time when corporate life no longer felt like a fit. She worked in various administrative and executive assistant roles for over 10 years, gaining knowledge and experience in both the legal and construction fields. She had a sense of wanting “more” but wasn’t sure what that was until hearing about the Virtual Assistant role one day on a podcast. As soon as that was discovered, a lightbulb went off and two weeks later resigned from her corporate role and has never looked back.

Since establishing her space in the VA world and gaining ample experience from the business side of things, she has since taken official courses on copywriting and has added this as a main service focus.

For the Love Of


With both a College and University degree under her belt, Lyndsey continues her love for knowledge by regularly attending training and webinars, as she is always striving to learn more about how to make this virtual space the best place not just for her, but for everyone she works with.

Her love of reading has never waivered, either, as there is always a stack of books to be read and another handful in the cart ready to join that pile.

This is one of the main reasons why copywriting was a no-brainer to add to the services list, as she loves exploring how (and why!) people write the way they do. The love of the written word and its effects on people is one that will never cease to amaze her.

Outside The Land


When she is not working in the virtual world, you'll most likely find her with her family; the driving force behind truly wanting to establish Avustaa back in 2017.

She is fortunate to be able to share her love of sport with her daughter and husband, too, as it's not uncommon to find them at a local rink watching a Ringette game. In fact, it was on the way back from an overseas Ringette tournament that she got engaged in Iceland. 

Being able to travel and work remotely at any given time is an aspect she truly loves most about being a VA.



Special Words


"Being ORGANIZED isn't about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person. It's about living the way you WANT to LIVE, but better ...!"
~ Andrew Mellen

"Starting a new solo business venture is very time consuming, and I’m so glad Lyndsey, from Avustaa, was there right by my side. She helped proof read all of my contracts, and helped ensure my work flow was best suited for my business. Not only is she very detailed orientated, she completed all tasks in a professional, timely matter. Lyndsey is able to give you a sigh of relief by taking the long list of “to-do’s” off your hands and giving you the room to focus on the success of your business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Avustaa to any entrepreneurs, especially to small businesses who need a helping hand."
Reanna Khan


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