Summer Refresh

Summer Refresh One of our favourite times of year is when the sunshine starts beaming a little warmer and the outdoors is calling our name. Where we live, we spend half the year buried under a blanket of white and

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Work-Life WHAT?!

Work-Life WHAT?! We believe that one of the bigger challenges us entrepreneurs face is that of something called balance. We’ve all heard of it, and it’s what winds up driving us crazy trying to achieve it. But just like we’ve

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A Clear Mind Is a Clear… ?

A Clear Mind Is a Clear … ? If you’re able to finish that sentence then we beg you to share the answer with us!  Does anyone truly have a clear mind? Our initial intent with this post was to

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10 Tips On Keeping Focused

10 Tips On Keeping Focused Staying focused is a skill that requires practice and determination. With bright shiny objects all around us, some tasks can take us minutes one day while other days they take hours. Being distracted is easy.

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The Fine Art of Time Blocking

The Fine Art of Time Blocking The concept of time blocking is not a new idea, but it is becoming more popular and proven to generate some impressive results. Scheduling time for yourself – actual, dedicated focus time, can save

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Lining Up Your Priorities!

Lining Up Your Priorities! There are so many different perspectives out there today about how to manage your focus and goals. But what may be the “right” thing for one person, might be the complete and total destruction of a

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Goal Setting Basics

Goal Setting Basics With any business, or life in general, goal setting in any shape or form is essential. How do you measure your success? Well, if you’ve set any sort of goal, you can determine this by whether you’ve

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