Dealing With Distractions

Dealing With Distractions Chances are if you’re anything like us, you’ve already been distracted several times today. We find that we are much more distracted first thing in the morning as we’re always thinking about what needs to get done

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A Day In The Life Of… Avustaa

A Day In The Life Of… Avustaa There’s something to be said for qualities most entrepreneurs have: resilience, ambition, discipline, and a drive for always wanting to achieve more. These are what set us apart from others in that our

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Helpful Blogs For When the Tough Gets TOUGH

Blog Posts For When The Tough Gets TOUGH We are fans of looking for insight from others when our times get trying. Just as there are people who lean on us, there are some in the virtual world who don’t

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The Final Push …!

The Final Push …! There is something so exciting about entering the last quarter of the year, and even more so when you’re a business owner! It’s time to reflect on your year: What went well; What didn’t; What would

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The Benefits of Working from Home

Benefits of Working from Home There are so many incredible benefits of working from home, that we are grateful that we aren’t having to return to an office! From avoiding bad weather to working in our jammies to endless (free)

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Why Is Scheduling So Hard?!​

Why Is Scheduling So Hard?! Why is it that one of the simplest, YET THE HARDEST, tasks is sticking to a schedule? We’re bombarded constantly with bright shiny objects that are always pulling us away from our most productive and

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Setting Up The Ultimate Home Office

Setting Up The Ultimate Home Office There’s something exciting about creating (or revamping!) a space in your home that’s dedicated to growth, creativity, and inspiration. Many may not think of their workspace as such, but do you feel more productive

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Motivational Quotes to Refill Your Bucket

Motivational Quotes to Refill Your Bucket We know we can’t be the only ones who scour Pinterest for Motivational Quotes on the days we feel defeated… right? There’s something about reading through a mass amount of quotes and finding that

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What To Look For When Hiring a VA

What To Look For When Hiring a VA It’s becoming much more common to hire VA’s to outsource tasks or “departments” of your business, but there’s more to it than just hiring the first VA you come across! Virtual Assistants,

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