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Your business is more than just a compilation of letters splashed on a page.

Spark growth in your business by using thoughtful copywriting to capture your brand's passion and identity. Create purposeful content, newsletters, and promotions that will help you take your business to the next level.

The importance of copywriting is often overlooked, especially in small- to medium-sized businesses. Learning how a copywriter can benefit your business is the first step in establishing your brand's position against its competitors.

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We offer a variety of VA packages & Copywriting services
*All pricing is listed in CAD and are subject to GST
  • 10 Virtual Hours = starting at $325
  • 15 Virtual Hours = starting at $450
  • Copywriting will vary by project and its requirements

Need to Regain

Control of your Business?

You've decided it's time to take back the reigns of your business by reaching out for assistance.


It's a bold and exciting move that will only do wonders for you.

There are many benefits to working with a VA, none more important than you will be able to offload the tasks that have been weighing you down or haunting you from the corner of your office. Make this the time you put your business first and set it up for success!

Need Something Else?


Finding a VA who works well with you & your business isn't going to be easy. It will likely take several interviews with various VAs in order to find out what - and who - you're truly looking for.

Fully understanding that you're ready to ask for help and hiring your right-hand person is key. Because if you aren't truly ready for this process it will be more difficult than it needs to be. You will need to be prepared to spend some time with your new VA at the start, allowing them the inside scoop on everything you've asked them to work on.

But the best part: finding the right VA for you is simply magical. We love our clients and are so proud of the mountains they've soared - because we work together as a team.

Ready for a Copywriter?


Discovering your ideal copywriter can be hard, but it's important to keep a few things in mind before beginning your search.

Ideally, you will want someone you have an initial connection and trust with, as it's imperative that you're sharing all the details of the project upfront. You'll have to trust them enough to either work with you and/or your team.

As a trained copywriter, we will work with you on delivering the highest quality results in the most efficient manner. We have been working with graphic designers for years in our VA role and are excited to be venturing into the world of copy!

Let us prove to you why we should work together by scheduling a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call.

"Lyndsey is one of the sweetest, hard working souls I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is extremely talented, very polite, kind hearted and drama free. I just love how much she has helped me with the business needs that matter to me that I just don’t have enough time to do on my own. If you haven’t worked with her yet, you’re missing out!"